Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Looks: Colours of Fall

I love fall. I can come up with million reasons why. I love it for the smell of fallen lives mingled with the first chilly breeze, for the breathtaking colours of nature, for the dark evenings filled with twinkling of candles, for the extra excuses it gives to stay home and bake apple pies, for the memories of childhood and grandparents' house it brings, and for more and more reasons which line up in an endless list. Whether you like fall or hate it one can't deny that this season is extremely cozy. Besides creating a cozy atmosphere at home with baking and lighting candles people (at least I do) tend to opt for cozy outfits. Natural pallet - forest green, berry reds, earthy brown is the most favorable. Fabrics are gone heavier and warmer. English tweed is definitely the most welcomed in my closet. It seems difficult and frankly quite impossible not to create cozy, warm looks during fall.
Actually, there is no need to look for a reason to like it. Just breath in fall's wonderful chilly ear and enjoy it. 

Люблю осень. Я могу придумать миллион причин почему. Люблю за запах опавших листьев, смешавшийся с первой прохладой дня; за перехватывающие дыхание краски природы; за темные вечера, наполненные мерцанием свечек; за лишний повод остаться дома и печь яблочные пироги; за детские воспоминания о дедушкиной даче, которые сразу тянутся за приходом осени; за многое и многое другое, выстроившееся в бесконечный ряд ответов на "почему". Любите ли Вы осень или нет, Вы не сможете отрицать, что это невероятно уютное время года. Мы не только особенно пытаемся создать уютную атмосферу дома, не только, заходя с улыцы и с дождя, мы уютно ёжимся от тепла, но мы и одеваемся уютно (я по крайней мере). Естественные тона: зелёный цвета хвойного леса, ягодно-красный, бегущий от брусники к вишне, золотисто-коричневый, как опавшие листья - становятся явными фаворитами. Материалы преображаются в более плотные и тёплые. Английский твид заполоняет шкафы. По-моему, невероятно сложно одеваться НЕ уютно осенью. 
А вообще-то не надо искать причин для любви к осени. Просто вдыхайте ее прохладный, покалывающий воздух и наслаждайтесь ею.

I'm wearing: shirt Massimo Dutti, shorts H&M, jacket Zara heels Asos, clutch Celine vintage, bracelet Daniel Espinosa via (buy it HERE), watch Michael Kors, brooch Chanel, sunglasses Zara

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  1. This outfit is so cute. I love those shorts for this time of year and I love the fact your outfit looks autumny in an usual way :) the colours are light but autumn.

    Great post!


    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  2. I love autumn for almost the same reasons!! The smell of it and cozy atmosphere are points that we can't explain!!! :)

  3. Hi Alexandra! I love fall for the same reason, you described it very well that images came in my mind:) What a beautiful and stylish outfit you wear. I love the blazer and the shorts, the colors of the shirt suit you and you look very classy and charming my dear. I'm drooling over the clutch, truly fab!:) Have a lovely day, kisses! xo

  4. я тоже очень люблю осень и твой стиль!

  5. It's definitely a nice fall outfit! Here it won't get as warm anymore to go out with bare legs. I think the last time I did was probably in August when I wasn't here. It's not super cold here but def not bare legs kind of weather which makes looking at your photos even nicer :)

  6. Отличный образ)да, осенью очень хочется тепла и уюта в материалах и цвете))природа необыкновенна в это время)


  7. Приятные цвета. Они прям согревают) природа прекрасна. как не любить осень?!

  8. Wow! You look absolutely gorgeous!!! I love this entire outfit! The pictures are amazing and you look flawless!

  9. love those shorts. they're probably really cute paired with tights when it get colder
    xo jac

  10. I adore your heels! :D


  11. THIS, my dear, simply is the perfect fall look!! :) I fell in love with the blouse at first sight, I swear, it's so Boho and chic... You're a true style icon, Alex. :)

  12. my favourite is the last photo. the vibe of it is just something I really like. and the beautiful colourful leaves. we don't have those here in Estonia anymore so I'm happy to see them through others' photos.
    when it comes to your outfit my favourite pieces are the shirt, shoes and sunnies. I think they all match just perfectly :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  13. You are the queen of mixing prints, and I love it!!! And yessss, now that I'll be in London we should go one day to enjoy a cup of tea and fashion talks ;) muaaaah xx

  14. your shoes are still lovely. very great.

  15. Oh I just LOVE your purse, it's absolutely gorgeous :)


  16. great motif combo! love the heels

  17. Such a beautiful entry! You inspire me! great shorts
    Kisses from Miami,

  18. This is sincerely the most unique outfit I've seen in a long time. Everything about it is so different: the length of the pants, the tweed jacket, the mixing of paisley and very small plaid pattern, the shoes... and I'm in love with the detail of the Chanel brooch!

    Furthermore, I've checked for myself that it's not just this post, your style is amazing in every one of them! And the pictures from your travels are so luxurious and awesome, AND you translate everything into English. You've definitely gained a new follower in Spain :)

    Take care and have a good week xxxx
    La vie en low-cost