Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Beauty: Old Hollywood Style

Black and white photo of a beauty, red lipstick and golden or silver jewellery - what could be more Old-Hollywood than this?!
In spite of all make-up trends with the first fallen leaves I always go back to the natural deep berry hues. Cherry, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry - it sounds so yammy and looks fantastic on the lips. Further I just add a couple of strokes of a blush on my cheeks and a bit of mascara.  There is nothing more classy and sexy than red lips. 

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Задумчивая красавица на чёрно-белой фотографии, красная помада и золотые или серебряные украшения - что может быть в стиле Старого Голливуда, больше чем это?!
Несмотря на все модные тренды и тенденции, с первыми опавшими листьями я всегда возвращаюсь к натуральным, насыщенным ягодным тонам в макияже. Вишня, клубника, малина, клюква - так вкусно и красиво, особенно когда эти оттенки на ваших губах. Я добавляю пару легких прикосновений румян и туши - и образ готов.
Нет ничего более классического и сексуального, чем красная помада.

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  1. cute!!

    new post

  2. Это все очень красиво и благородно!)

  3. I love the old Hollywood style. Red lips are always sexy and Mac blushers are my favorites. Great photo.

    xx Mira

  4. Абсолютно согласна со всем написанным!Красная помада-праздник для моих губ)


  5. So agree with you, is the most sexy and feminine make up look par excellence!:) Your stuff is great, I need a new lipstick in a matte texture, obsessed with this finish at the mo! xo

  6. Hi sweety, the lipstick shades are so beautiful and the pieces of jewellery are so stunning as well.Thanks for your visit dear!

  7. i am obsessed withe red lips!
    maybe we can follow each other :) let me know

  8. oh I really like those earrings in the right top corner. both, silver and golden. though the silver ones are just utterly perfect. but when it comes to lippies I'm such a lazy person. I have some gorgeous lipsticks but I always forget to use them.
    by the way, I'll keep in mind that you would like to see my bracelet collection and I will photograph it after I have assorted them all :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. Great post

  10. такой чудесны коллаж получился, здорово)
    Мне тоже очень нравятся такие оттенки помады, я соглашусь, это очень женственно и красиво. Только вот сама я их не использую, мне не идет к сожалению.
    Хорошего дня)

  11. Красивые украшения.

  12. Lovely post and perfect products :)


  13. интересная задумка
    обожаю mac

  14. Loving your post!
    Much love and kisses from Miami,

  15. I couldn't agree more! I love lipsticks, that's the best makeup there is! Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog! I would love to know what you like/dislike about my blog in honor of its birthday!

    E from Helsinki

  16. I agree, classic makeup and jewelry is always fabulous.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  17. What a pretty post. i totally agree with you :)

  18. Nice Blog :)

    Wanna follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, Facebook or Twitter???

    Just let me know and I will make sure to follow ya back

  19. I completely agree with you when it comes to red lips - so classy and my definitely my favorite as well. I always love the way you present your make- up and jewelry. That's a beautiful way to capture them.

    Have a wonderful week, Alexandra!

  20. lovely post!:) red lipstick is really something eternal and classic!♥