Wednesday, 12 June 2013

News: Isabel Marant for H&M

Yesterday the world of fashion was ringing and buzzing with the news: French mega successful designer Isabel Marant is the next guest designer for H&M. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media were practically collapsing from the amount of excited responses. To say that this collaboration was met with anticipation of the crowd is to say nothing. 
On November 14th, 2013 Marant's women, children and ever-first men's collections will be available online and in the selected H&M stores. Isabel Marant's name is a synonym to success. There's no need to guess what was the reason behind the choice of Swedish mega brand. Everything what comes under the Marant label becomes an overwhelming "IT", "everybody-whats-it", "it-doesn't-matter-what-I-must-get-my-hands-on-it" product. 
I have no doubts that this collaboration will be one of the most successful in the history of high end - low end  collaborations. However I already start wondering how long will be the lines in front of H&M stores on 14th of November...

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  1. It's a great collaboration.


  2. Hi Alexandra! I'm so thrilled about this collaboration! I love Isabel Marant and I bet it will be a great success indeed! Looking forward to when it will be available on the store, for sure there will be a giant line lol!:) Have a good day dear, kisses! xo

  3. I can't wait for this collection to hit the stores in November. Hope I can score a few pieces <3


  4. Exactly! I wonder how long the lines are gonna be too... Even though we'll get our first H&M here in Estonia in the fall, we probably won't see that collection. Even if we did, I probably wouldn't have the patience to stand in line for that anyway... But I'm very curious to see the collection - I have a feeling this is gonna be something good...

  5. I can't wait to see what it looks like! I agree, it will probably be hugely popular! We will have to compare notes when it comes out :)

    xo Mary Jo

  6. I know!! so exciting right!?? can't wait to see the clothes in the store :D

  7. when I think about IM I only remember your boots, haha. funny but so true :D
    I of course did hear about the collaboration through all kinds of channels but I'm not exactly moved... would be interesting to know the lengths of those lines though ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. It will be interesting to see the fruits of cooperation!

  9. I want to see this collection right now!! Yes, it's so exciting that this awesome designer will do this collaboration. I'll be the first to open the store that day :)

  10. this should be really amazing collection! so excited!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  11. Style of dress is very interesting

  12. I have mixed feelings about this collaboration, possibly because I was hoping for another designer that was closer to my fashion 'heart' than Isabel Marant...anyways, on the positive note, we will now have the chance to get her pieces for a price that might be closer to their real value so I'll be there! Caterina