Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Instagram: June via Instagram

Hardly I love something more than summer. Everything changes during these short three months. People are more happy, days are longer, dresses are shorter, drinks are colder...can we wish for anything better?:) This summer I stay true to myself in everything though not without experimenting, for example getting a mirrored sunglasses. What do you think about'em?

Вряд ли может быть что-то лучше лета. Оно меняет все. Люди становятся более счастливыми, дни еще длиннее, платья короче, а напитки холоднее...разве можно желать чего-то большего?:) Этим летом буду верна себе во всех привычках и вкусах, хотя всегда есть место для экспериментов, как например, зеркальные очки. Что вы о них думаете?

One thing for sure my travelling schedule doesn't get easy on me even during the summer season. Well I don't complain!:)

Above: a vanilla  candyfloss sky
Below: From St. Petersburg back to Rotterdam

С наступлением лета мое расписание путешествий, кажется, только увеличилось. Но я вовсе не жалуюсь!:)

Выше: Так выглядит небо из сахарной ваты
Ниже: Из Санкт-Петербурга обратно в Роттердам

Above: Street style + street art it doesn't get better that this!:)
Below: One of my favorite flowers ever - lilac

Выше: Уличная моды и искусство - идеальное сочетание!:)
Ниже: Самые нежные цветы на свете - сирень

Above: prints, prints, prints and my darling Celine
Below: Summer heat asks for a special treatment - strawberry ice-tea

Выше: Принты, принты, принты и любимая сумка Celine
Ниже: Повышение температуры требует особых мер - клубничный айсти

Above: Selfie - why not? 
Below: This is how I love to spend Sunday's mornings

Выше: Самофото - почему бы и нет?
Ниже: Так я люблю проводить воскресные утра

I Hope you're enjoying this summer as much as I do!:)
Надеюсь, вы наслаждаетесь этим летом так же, как я!:)

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  1. love!

  2. What great summer pictures! It looks like you have been having fun.

  3. I agree: Summer is the most wonderful season, and you summed up some of the best advantages it holds for us! :) Especially the cool drink. ;)

    You aviator glasses are KILLERS. You look totally stunning - especially in a short summer dress when the wind is blowing through your hair and skirt... So beautiful!!

    Have a great July then. ;)


  4. sooo lovin the shades!! hope u had a blast last week! xoxoxo

  5. Hi hun, you look fabulous in the mirrored sunnies, a great runs up of pictures, love your different outfits and selection of magazines, you're right, thats the best way to spend a sunday!

  6. Such a lovely summer snaps. You look very pretty in that windy photo.

    xoxo Ra

  7. Зеркальные очки мне очень нравятся на тебе, но я вчера вот мерила и как то не знаю даже, почему-то не купила, пока приглядываюсь еще к ним. Лето-это маленькая жизнь!

  8. your floral dress is really pretty! loving the sunglasses, too! i have the same!

    Sisters Marie
    Start your closet on BISTM!

  9. Ocheni krassivie fotografie ;)

  10. Love the pic of you!!!

    Following you now;o)


  11. I really love your floral dress dear. :) Dear, You have a nice blog. I just followed you via GFC Bloglovin. I hope you can follow back. I'll wait for you in my blog dear.

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    XX, IamJenniya

  12. Hi Alexandra! What adorable insta moments of you!:) I'm into mirrored sunnies trend too, in fact I'd love to get an aviator pair as yours! You look so adorable with the floral dress, perfect match!:) You know how much adore your Celine bag, lilacs are one of my fav flowers as well!:) Keep to enjoy the summer dear! Kisses and have a great day! xo

  13. Hey, Alexandra! Thanks for your comment! I really like your blog. Would you like to follow each other? :) Please let me know by leaving a comment in my blog again or something like that :)

    Have an awesome day!
    ♥ Oksana {new post >> sun & ocean}

  14. love the flower dress, gorgeous!!
    new follower here,
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  15. You look so wonderful and I love the way your summer is going. x

  16. You are making beautiful pictures!

  17. Stunning photographs and that dress is amazing.

    Looks like you had a blast!

    Just followed you on Bloglovin and Pinterest xxxx

  18. So many perfect pics. Have a great day

  19. Мне кажется, что зеркальные очки это отличная вещь) Фотографии чудесные, действительно летние и живые)
    Хорошего дня!


  20. I really love your look ^^

    I love your blog - Please come visit my world :)

  21. I always love ur instagram pictures honey!!! This month looks like so much fun for you :D And let me tell u that I'm in love with your sunnies ;) ;)

  22. awwww your pictures are just amazing!!!

    new new new blogger here from MANHESTER!!

    followed you with bloglovin,hope you check my blog too x

  23. It was great hearing your trend insight on my last post...Happy End Of The Week!

  24. You are making beautiful pictures!
    like the a line dress

  25. great post and photos! really love the dress!

  26. So many fabulous pictures. Love the street art! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my photo diary from Venice. xo

  27. You are wonderfull! I love your style :)

    Visit my blog

  28. beautiful pics! thanks for your comment on my blog!i'm following with gfc e bloglovin!

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  29. great photos dear! Looove all of your sunnies, and your dresses are so lovely!
    Followed on bloglovin' and gfc, hope you'll take a look at my blog too :)

    Lory xx

  30. Looks like you're having a great summer, I love your lipstick and toe nail polish!

  31. Awesome post! Great June you had! Hope July brings lots of happiness and joy to you doll!
    Kisses from Miami,

  32. Such a nice and happy post! Makes me want to buy raybans as well :-)

  33. You are so sweet! Suits you so well! Next week "Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin" starts - I would love to invite you to read my posts about it! I'm so excited! ♡Love, Kyra

  34. to be honest I would love to enjoy the whole summer without going to work but the harsh reality is that I will have to do it tomorrow morning. probably will be very hard after two weeks of vacation.. but the next one is closer than 2 months so not the worst variant at least :) anyway, your question about mirrored sunnies. I bought a pair many years ago and now started to think where have I put it? don't know but I should definitely look for them :P oh and I like your tea mugs!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  35. You are so pretty ! I love your sunglasses, they are perfect ♥

  36. зеркальные очки это мой must have практически каждого дня)

  37. I love following your Instagram pics and the white floral-print dress is so beautiful! Personally, I'm not a fan of mirrored sunnies (too 80s...), but they look great on you! Caterina

  38. Александра, как всегда интересный инста отчет! Так и чувствую голландскую речь и высокую температур от солнышка) Да будет инстаграм!
    PS Celine стала верной подружкой?) Очаровательные самофото)

  39. Beautiful blog, your look is fantastic, I am your new follower, kisses!!!

  40. с удовольствием добавила вас в Bloglovin и надеюсь на взаимность)

  41. Great BLOG!!!!!!

    + do you want to follow each other?