Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Inspirations: Gypsetters

I'm quite often asked what do I do for living. Besides working at the moment on a couple of projects about which I will (hopefully) be able to tell you very soon, I'm cooperating with Gypsetters. Gypsetters is a Dutch brand celebrating modern, free-spirited women. The name Gypsetters comes from the Julia Chaplin's "Gypset", a spicy mix of jetset and gypsies' cultures. 
Inspiration for the collections is drawn from our planet: diverse nature and people. Each piece is hand-made from a wide variety of materials coming from all around the world -India, Peru, Afghanistan, Europe, etc. 
Nothing will describe the idea behind the brand better than its motto: 
"Think of freedom living a nomadic lifestyle and breaking the rules"
Gypsetters' clothes, bags and accessories offer a daily possibility to become a different person from a different country just by means of reaching out to your own wardrobe. 
Frankly, I'm very excited that I can channel my two biggest passions - traveling and fashion into a creative outcome at Gypsetters. 

Меня часто спрашивают, чем я занимаюсь помимо блога. В настоящий момент я работаю над несколькими проектами, о которых я (надеюсь) смогу вам рассказать в самом ближайшем будущем. Кроме этого я сотрудничаю с голландским брендом GypsettersИмя бренда происходит от термина "Gypset", введенного в обиход журналистом Julia Chaplin, и обозначающим смесь шика jetset (джетсета) и свободолюбием gypsies (цыган). 
Коллекции Gypsetters вдохновлены нашей планетой: разнообразием природы и людей. Музой же бренда стала современная женщина - свободная, чувственная, уверенная в себе, не боящаяся переделать мир под себя. Каждая вещь в коллекции сделана вручную из разнообразных материалов, доставленных из всех уголков земли: из Индии, Перу, Афганистана, Европы и т.д.
Ничто не объяснит суть Gypsetters так, как их девиз:
"Думай о свободе, веди кочевой образ жизни и ломай все правила"
Признаюсь честно, я невероятно рада возможности открывать мир вместе с Gypsetters, а также найти способ совмещать на практике мои две самые большие страсти - моду и путешествия.

From top to bottom: 
Mochila bags
Mongolian Lamb Vest
 Carryall bag and Roundmirror belt
 Clutch Zippers
 Bohemian clutches
 Mongolian Lamb Vest and Flap Curly bag
suede Poncho
Mongolian Lamb Vests in grey, white and sandy 

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  1. Wauw, that's so amazing! Really adore this brand, that faux fur vest is great.

    Love Bo,

  2. love this beautiful inspirations!!

  3. I love your blog and this post is really cute. I'm a new follower so would love if you'd follow back
    much love x

  4. They have some really cool stuff! And I like their motto too, rules are made to be broken.;)

  5. Beautiful pieces, especially the vests - would love to have something like this. x

  6. Очень интересно! А ты еще учишься или уже закончила?

  7. That's sound great Alexandra!!!! I love these colorful pieces and especially the bold clutches!

  8. Hi Alex! I didnt know about this brand! I love its motto, lol I should keep it in my mind:) Btw, nice stuff, I like the bright colors, the pieces look very cozy and make me happy! Kisses!! xo

  9. Those Mongolian vests are amazing!!!!!!!!
    Sheree xxx

  10. какие сумочки!!!мечта

  11. love all the vests!great pieces!

  12. OOOoo sounds very interesting and looks cool too! :)


  13. I love those starry bags, really nice.
    Alexandra Love to hear you keep working on new projects, I have been away for a while but I'am finally back.

  14. wow, such an interesting brand! it's always nice to find out about brands I didn't know before. and those jackets/vests are SO SO SO cool and they look super cosy too! I can totally imagine how warm they can be, and those coin-like details are awesome.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  15. Very cool colorful bags and clutches..... together with the fur vests, we can't imagine anything better !

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  16. love the bag in the first picture dear
    the color is so great
    so vintage :D


  17. What a fab blog. I love it!

    I'm hosting a $100 gift card giveaway on the blog. Hope you can enter!
    personal style and fashion musings of an LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

  18. oh wow love this inspo I want the coats and the clutches =)

  19. The fantastic sheepskin coats.....I want It!!!!!
    Very nice blog ... do you want to follow us?
    I will follow from now ...
    passes to see!

  20. so nice color!!! i love it.

  21. what a neat brand it seems to be - I love everything you've shown here, especially these colorful bags!

  22. Wow I love everything the Mongolian Lamb Vests!! :)

  23. love this blog :>!

  24. LOve the mochila bag!!

    Boulevard ACH

  25. Love every single one of these items!
    I'm your newest follower.

    Mix and Match the F word

  26. Hi Alexandra, I Love this concept of Gypsetters, it all seems so exotic and uniquely defines different styles and cultures, which is great. The furry vests are gorgeous, as well as all the richly colourful accessories. So impressed!

  27. Wow, these are all look great. I love the jacket in the second pic!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  28. so cool! I have a couple of similar bags, they're great for sunny summer days..

  29. Love,looove it!Have a great weekend,babe!

  30. love the concept.Gypsy&freedom.
    the fur vests r grt.loved d white one...

  31. Очень интересные, красивые аксессуары!

  32. These creations are beautiful and I would love to have one of that super-soft Mongolian Lamb vests in my would be very 'Kate Moss'! Thank you so much for the introduction to this label!