Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My looks: Boho Vibe

I clearly see how my style changes with the time. I'm still a so-into-high-heels girl (and who wouldn't be with a 1,58m hight?!:) But I think my super girlishness starts to crack and surrender under the attack of time. I love dresses and nothing will change it, but I buy now different models and shapes of those. I pair a dress with a hat or flat military boots which I never would do before. I guess I owe my experimental myself by suppressing this part for twenty something years, and now she starts kicking in. 
Well, we'll see where she brings me to:) 
Did your style change with the time?  How? Are you happy with the changes?

Я четко осознаю, что мой стиль изменился со временем. Я все та же девушка, которая не может представить свою жизнь без каблуков (и это неудивительно с ростом 1.58см:), но я чувствую, что властвующая в моём гардеробе женственность начинает отступать и сдавать позиции с течением времени. Я всегда любила и буду любить платья (что-то должно оставаться неизменным), но сейчас я покупаю другие модели - платья других форм и из других материалов. Я начала сочетать то, что раньше мне казалось абсолютно не сочетаемым: нежное платье с грубыми сапогами или хиппи шляпой. Думаю, я слишком долго подавляла экспериментирующую сторону себя, а теперь она берет все то, на что имела право мои долгие двадцать с чем-то лет. 
Ну что ж, посмотрим, куда она меня приведет:)
А ваш стиль изменился с течением времени? Как? И довольны ли вы этим?

I'm wearing: dress Club Monaco, boots Guess, jacket Maje, bag Ralph Lauren, belt vintage, bracelets: Ettika and vintage

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  1. I don't think my styles ever changed dramatically - I like same shapes, same fabrics etc. The shapes may change slightly as fashions and styles come and go, but the core remains the same. x

  2. You look FAB as always:) great outfit.

    If you want some travel inspiration..check out my new post:)

    have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria

  3. I really like the dress and boots!


  4. You doing that Bohemian chic excellently :-)

  5. You look adorable Alexandra, I like how you mixed the boho style, too nice! Love the bag! Kisses!:*

  6. Мне очень понравилось сочетание винтажного ремня с этим легким платьем!Признаюсь, многое что ношу сейчас раньше даже не рассматривала, думаю вкус и стиль однозначно меняется в разные периоды жизни.

  7. I totally love that dress!! :) The colours, the patterns and the shape are simply TO DIE FOR!
    Combined with black (thighs and belt and shoes), it look very high-fashion and - most of all - elegant.
    (If you try to combined it with brown thighs, it would look more softer and casua maybe... But that's all up to you, it look gorgeous in any way. :))

    Those heels look still harmless to me (there are there killer high heels that are taller than the actual person whose wearing them, I remember...). Personally, I hardly wear heels. I'm 1,72 on my own, I would feel too gigantic; still, I might try very high heels at some point so I don't have to stand on my tiptoes every time I want to kiss my bf :P. But then: I learned from my orthopedic lectures that high heels are very bad and cause serious deformation of the back and the feet.
    So weat flats, it's so much healthier! :) (I feel obliged to say that, by the way; med school makes such a freak out of me!)

    I like your style, can't remember that you ever wore something I wasn't totally amazed by.
    Certainly, though, style changes while growing up. Inevitably. We as people - character and all - does too, after all. Every minute of every day, with everything that happens to us.
    Last year, I thought short boots looked somewhat dwarfish (as if you'd be one of Snowwhite seven dwarfs when you wore it), this season, I'm totally crauy about them! :)
    Only idiots never change their minds, and were not idiots, are we? ;)
    Hope you have a wonderful week

  8. Cuuute!! Really nice bag :)
    I just post up, hope u like!

  9. Ах, как сюда просится широкополая шляпа, у тебя ведь есть такая, я помню) платье мне твое очень нравится, такой богемный стиль)мне кажется, когда девушка взрослеет , то и стиль ее не может не поменяться. Мне сейчас хочется простых лаконичных фасонов, минимализма, еще лет 5 назад все было по-другому)

  10. Мне очень нравится сумка, и, по-моему, она здорово сочетается с цветом платья!) а вот ремень, я, может быть, заменила бы...)
    да, конечно, мой стиль претерпевает изменения со временем, но они даже для меня самой не всегда очевидны. я просто начинаю покупать совсем другую одежду и обращать внимание на другие вещи) это страшно занимательно!

  11. Очень понравился образ!сумочка просто бомба.

  12. I think almost everything changes in time and my style has changed a lot. right now I'm in the point where I wear absolutely everything I want to, doesn't matter what the trends are. but when I was a lot younger I had this hip hop phase and rock'n'roll phase and.. haha, many phases. thank god it's over now.
    anyway, I must say your dress is gorgeous and I'm in love with that bag. it's perfect! so are all of your other accessories.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  13. such a beautiful dress! you look sooo pretty! perfect look :)

  14. Hi darling...can I please borrow this entire look...I LOVE it! I think this is also my perfect idea of a bohemian themed outfit, the print is very pretty and adore how you styled it with the charming jacket and contrast colour bag - too wonderful for words!

  15. I really love that dress! You can do so much with it!

  16. I love your look! Have you entered my $100 and Jo Malone giveaway?? Let's follow each other...I'm following you!

  17. Everything looks great, the bag is beautiful, love the print on the dress and the cute booties!


  18. beautiful boho style!
    love the dress!

  19. I love the colours in this outfit,gorgeous mix of tones,I especially love those beautiful bracelts,gorgeous blue colours and stones in them x
    Great styling and I hope your having a fabulous day x

  20. that dress looks like one that I have. haven't worn it for a while now but still love it. and these boots look great with the dress!
    my style has changed over the years as well, I guess it has a lot to do with taste change. you know one day you hate pink, the other day you love it? the other day I was actually thinking about how only a few months ago I wore dresses or skirts almost every day - now this fall I've worn dresses only a few times, mainly jeans which is different for me. I loved my girly bow dresses but now I'm back to pants. I have so many nice dresses that I should wear more often - I guess when my I-wear-nothing-but-jeans-and-an-oversized-shirt-phase passes I will get back to them :) If somebody asked me to describe my style it would be very difficult but I guess my style varies from bow tie dresses to jeans and military boots. but it's a good variation - only same kind of clothes would get kind of boring

  21. You look so pretty in that boho outfit, I really like it!!


  22. Lovely bag !

  23. Carina la borsa ;) Reb, xoxo.
    *Nuovo post sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:


  25. I love this look! You look so pretty!


  26. Love your look!


  27. Hi dear Thank you for your kind words, it means so much to me, its great that I have found my bloggers kindred spirit in you!....have a splendid weekend ahead!

  28. Gorgeous dress! I'm pretty sure I saw it in the November issue of Style magazine paired with a gorgeous sweater vest.

    <3 Melissa

  29. So true !With the time we change and also we try to wear what is appropriate for that age :) I still like to experiment NEW styles but I will always comeback to classic pieces. Your dress is adorable and very feminine , perfect paired with ankle boots and leather jacket !

  30. современная мода ломает все стереотипы))

  31. I do like your style here a lot. This outfit is just amazing.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark