Monday, 3 September 2012

Travelling: Thailand - Chiang Mai

I think you all would forgive me for my long absence in the bloggers world if only you've been here with me and you could have seen what I've seen.
Our second stop in our trip through Thailand was the second biggest city (which is actually quite tiny) of the county - Chiang Mai. In my opinion this city represents a true Thailand which I haven't seen anywhere else before or after. It's small, local, cozy, very friendly and extremely thai. 
But for me Chiang Mai forever will be associated with elephants, the city where I understood why Indians consider these animals holy and I deeply fell in love with them.
On our second day we visited an elephant farm called Baan Chang. There we've learn not only how to feed, ride and wash elephants but also about their lives and needs. What I liked most about this farm is that not like the other farms in the area or Thailand in general this farm was absolutely non-commercial and the only thing people there do actually care when tourist come are elephants. It was absolutely magical to ride an elephant on her/his bare back, to lear what she or he likes. The most impressive of all the trip were actually the smiles of elephants, I could truly see how much they enjoyed it! I'd definitely recomend to visit Baan Chang farm to all who comes to Thailand. This was one time life experience and it will never be compared to a commercial 10min elephant ride which you get arriving to Phuket or any other touristic area. 
Afterwards we've headed to Kho Phi Phi, an increadibly beautiful island on South-West of Thailand. I've definitely never seen a place more beautiful than this one. The water is so blue that it hurts my eyes to look at it, the sand is pearls-white and tender. Our bungalow stands on a beach and we look over the sea at the Phi Phi Leh island where the movie "The beach" with leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. Kho Phi Phi is the main reason why I'm off blogging lately, it's increadible here and I don't want to loose any minute of this.
Well, excuse my endless post but I just want to share all the fantastic feeling and sights I'm happy to experience and see.

With love,


Я думаю, вы все меня простите за долгое отсутствие в мире блогов, если бы вы только были со мной и видели все то, что я вижу.
Город Чанг Май стал нашей второй остановкой в путешествии по Тайланду. на мой взгляд это наиболее тайский город из всех, что мне пришлось видеть до и после - маленький, уютный, невероятно доброжелательный. Но самое главное, Чанг Май для меня на всегда останется городом слонов, там я поняла, почему индусы считают слонов священными животными и навеки влюбилась в этих существ.
На второй день нашего пребывания в Чанг Мае мы отправились на ферму Baan Chang, где живут спасенные от смерти или жестокого обращения слоны. Мы не только кормили, мыли и катались на них, но и узнали, что слоны любят, чего боятся и как к ним относится человек (зачастую безумно жестоко). Меня поразила насколько некоммерческим оказалось место, нам не внушали, что мы должны купить фотографии или майки с животными, нам просто рассказывали об их жизни. Всем, посещающим Тайланд, я советую выделить день на поездку в Baan Chang - тот опыт и эмоции, которые вы получите в этом месте, никогда не сравнятся с 10 минутами коммерческой поездки на слоне на Пукете. А больше всего меня взволновали и порадовали улыбки слонов, когда мы их мыли, играли с ними и кормили. Они правда улыбались и в тот момент искренне любили нас. Это чувство, эти воспоминания не сравнятся ни с какими другими и останутся с нами на всю жизнь!
Однако истинная причина, почему я забросила мир блогов - Ко Пи Пи - остров на юго-западе Тайланда, на котором мы сейчас находимся. Более прекрасного места я не видела за всю мою жизнь. Недаром остров называют раем.
Вода настолько голубая, что режет глаз, когда на нее смотришь, песок же жемчужно-белый. Наше бунгало стоит на пляже напротив острова Ко Пи Ли, на котором снилася фильм пляж с леонаро ДиКаприо. Место настолько романтическое и живописное, что не хочется терять ни минуты.
Я приношу свои извинения за бесконечный пост (я могу составить конкуренцию большой советской энциклопедии:), но я хочу поделиться с вами всеми теми волшебными пейзажами и захватывающими эмоциями, которые я вижу и испытываю здесь, в Тайланде.

С любовью,


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  1. Gorgeous pics! those elephants are so cute :) I just want to hug them hehe xx

  2. Elephants are my favourite animal ever, so you can imagine how much I enjoyed this post. I'm willing to go to that farm, Thailand has been for a long time on only top places to go.
    Can't wait to see the rest of your trip.

  3. классные фотки)


  5. Lovely trip you have!
    I never touch an elephant

  6. it must be amazing! beautiful photos Alexandra, love the last one! kisses!

  7. looks absolutely amazing and beautiful! :)
    I have seen those elephant trips in some other blogs as well and it's definitely a wonderful experience. elephants are so cute and they know how to have fun. even in zoos they entertain people with their adorable personalities :)
    btw, the last photo of you is great! and what a scenery! :O magic!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. The last picture looks like out of the new Diesel catalogie! :)
    I just came back from a four-week-stay in Dublin and try to update on my favourite blogs. Most of them, I just scroll over, but I thoroughly read all your August posts.
    You're a real globetrotter, are you not! ;)
    Though I never quite got the "Asian fascination/hype", I love your picture - and envy you! :) You seem to have a wonderful time, see so much of the world!
    These elephants are lovely! Once, when I was a kid, I saw a TV programme about some farm who saves abused elephants and I immediately wanted to go there and help!
    Did you know that elephants never forget? Researchers once recorded an elephant tribe for years, and after decades, they played one of the old tapes to an elephant from the tribe and he recognized the trumpeting (a warning; because some other wild animals attacked), and he immediately tried to run away).
    Sorry, I'm rambling again...
    Your pictures are amazing! I hope you have a wonderful time in Thailand - I wanna see more of your amazing pics! ;)

    Lots of love

  9. oh my god! amazing pics!
    such an adventure , love the color of the jealous!
    xxx Ros.e.

  10. Hi Dear, looks like you are having the most amazing trip! Great photos!

  11. Favorite photos this week, love elephants, have an amazing time!


  12. mmmm dear Alexandra !!!!! such a great and unique experience ! I absolutely love these photos and elephants are amazing creatures !

  13. Such a cool experience! I'm totally jealous!

  14. firstly, OH MY GOODNESS (that's what i actually said when i first saw some of the pictures on instagram). i've always been in love with elephants for some reason, so im sure if i experienced what you just did i'd be more and more in love with them! this seems to be just an incredible trip! i am so jealous but in a good way :) what a place and what an experience! amazing!

  15. Потрясающие каникулы!!! Опыт общения с животными - бесценен!!!

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  17. Thanks for your comment, hope you still having a fantastic vacation!

  18. OMG!!!! Waouu!!! Amazing! you're lucky!

  19. wow, I really liked the power even bathe animals to see if I go there someday. lovely post!!

    We do we follow each other? I already follow you

  20. wow...I am loving this photos!!!!! I love animal and I love elephant! I have been to Chiang Mai but never ride an asian elephant (I ride one in Africa)before...jealous!!

    have a great day..cannot wait to see more:)

    EDGYMIX Bloglovin

  21. absolutely amazing pics!


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  22. what a wonderful experience
    follow u.hope u can follow me back

  23. what a wonderful experience!
    you are a lucky girl
    thank yuo to share it

    Pretty To Be Happy

  24. Super cool pics :D I am so jealous! Enjoy! x

  25. Amazing ! I was here last summer


  26. woow, that's totally amazing! The photos are so wonderful, I'd really love to be there. Great and very inspiring!


  27. Oh I loveeee elephants! Looks like you had an amazing time xxx

  28. OMG Amazing pictures!!! You're so lucky :)

  29. wow! Fab! I adore those animals!
    your absence is totally forgiven I suppose as photos are amazing!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm your newest happy follower. check back to my blog if you have some time

  30. Amazing pictures ! It must be a wonderful experience ;)

  31. OMG! what an amazing experience you are living!! enjoy it to the fullest!!! ;)