Sunday, 12 August 2012

Travelling: In Amsterdam

Last week I spent a lovely weekend in fantastic Amsterdam. It's difficult to describe in only few words how beautiful the city is and how unique and fascinating the atmosphere of Amsterdam is. I wrote once the whole post dedicated to it all. You can find it here. In this post I follow the rule that one picture is worth more than hundred words and show you some shots made during my quick visit. Enjoy!
PS. I used to live in Amsterdam --> I know it pretty good. If you need any advice, feel free to ask.

На прошлой неделе я провела два неповторимых дня в Амстердаме, который опять-таки подтвердил свою уникальность. Все выходные я наслаждалась красотой города и ни на что непохожей атмосферой города. Сложно передать ощущения, вызванные Амстердамом, в нескольких строчках. Я попыталась это сделать в этом посте. Здесь же я, согласно высказыванию: лучше один раз увидеть, чем сто раз услышать, покажу вам несколько снимков, сделанных за  два дня, проведенных в голландской столице.  Наслаждайтесь!
PS. несколько лет назад я жила в Амстердаме, так что я знаю город достаточно хорошо. Если вы собираетесь туда и вам нужен какой-то совет, обращайтесь.

I'm wearing: top & denim 7 for all mankind, jacket TopShop, wedgies Manfield, bag Furla, brooch Patrizia Pepe, sunnies D&G, hat Bijenkorf

Arm-party: Tiffany & Co, Pandora, Frey Wille, Omega, vintage bracelets bought in Paris and in Rotterdam

Famous grachten - canals of Amsterdam. They are the core, the veins of the city. 
Not less famous (or shall I say notorious) bikes.

Амстердамские grachten - каналы, они есть суть, пульсирующие вены города.
Знаменитые велосипеды, "заполонившие" весь город.

Beautiful sunflowers mark in the city the arrival of August and with it the first signs of autumn. 

Прекрасные подсолнухи ознаменовывают приход августа в город.

Art to be found overall in the city: on the streets, in the restaurants, in its people.

Искусство повсюду в Амстердаме: на улицах, в ресторанах, в людях. 

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  1. Hi Alexandra! Amsterdam is a beautiful city! your photos make me want to be there too! I like your outfit and totally love the bag! have a nice sunday dear! Baci!!

  2. great pictures and outfit!! amazing hat!! lovely colors!!

  3. Beautiful!! :D

    New post on my blog, check it! :)

  4. awesome :)
    lovely blog.
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  5. Oh I love travel photos.
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  6. Amsterdam is really a great city! I go there a few times a year. Your fotos are really great!

  7. I love Amsterdam, I visited it when I was 14 years old but I remember everything!

  8. OMG, I envy you soooo much, what I would give to be traveling arround Amsterdam! and you look lovely

  9. It looks like such a beautiful place! I definitely would love to visit!

  10. Great photos! really loving your wedges and bag :)

    LOVE BO,

  11. Always a pleasure to see your travel photos! You know how to travel in style and to capture the essence !

  12. WOW!

    You used to lived in Amsterdam? That is sooo cool! Why did you leave? I would love to visit.. one day soon I hope!
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  13. oh, I and my boyfriend actually considered going there but then we picked Prague.
    I really enjoyed going through all the beautiful photos which definitely showed me we should visit Amsterdam when we can.
    and you look great, as always! you always put together the most amazing arm parties, full of bright colours and classy details.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  14. I've never been to Amsterdam :(
    Great photos, love your shoes and blazer :)

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  16. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  17. Great post!

  18. I've never been to Amsterdam but I really MUST go! It looks incredible there!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  19. you got some GREAT pics, I can't wait to get to amsterdam someday soon!! i've been wanting to go for awhile! i'm just about to post some vienna pics :) thanks for following me and i'm def following back :)

  20. LOVE love LOVE amsterdam!! So jealous, wish I could go back!

  21. I love your pics :) and your clock!!

  22. i love your blog! this post is so cute do u want to follow each other?