Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Travelling: In my bag

I'm quite often on the road (or better to say in the air) due to my passion for travelling. 
With years I became quite a professional in packing. And I definitely have a list of my flight essentials which I can put together with my eyes closed in less than 5 minutes. Here they are from left to right:
  •  Big, spacious, bottomless (name it as you want) bag. In my light blue Bally bag I can stuff quite an impressive amount of things yet it always stays elegant and never bloated. 
  •  A scarf to beat the plane's chilly air conditioning. Usually I take thin wool scarf, but lately as I wrote here I couldn't stop wearing this colourful silk scarf. So checked.
  •  A couple of good books, magazines and my Moleskine make a great flight company
  • Tissues, a pair of warm socks (refer to the 2nd point in the list:) & Iphone 
  • A wallet (Marc by Marc Jacobs), sunglasses to hide the tired eyes behind (Ralph Lauren), some jewellery (I always discover a couple of bangles or rings on the bottom of my bag forced to land there by the endless airport controls) 
  • Hand cream (Lancome, Sabon) - moisturise, moisturise and ones more moisturise
  • Mirror, passport, a gum, pans
  • Dior Creme de Rose smooting lip balm - a perfect solution for hydrating your lips during a flight
  • A watch (Omega) - old-fashioned when we all have Iphones yet it's easy to keep a track of the time & some business cards
  • And finally do NOT forget that actually what matters is your tickets, passport and money, without the rest you'll survive:)
Я много путешествую и с годами я выработала целую систему сбора чемодана и сумки в дорогу за считанные секунды. У меня есть список жизненно необходимых вещей в дорогу. Разбудите меня в 3 часа ночи, я смогу упаковать их с закрытыми глазами быстрее чем за пять 5 минут. Торжественно представляю вам слева направо все, что нужно брать с собой в дорогу:
  • Вместительную, объемную, бездонную (называйте, как хотите) сумку. Моя светло-голубая сумка Bally скрывает в своих недрах внушительное количество вещей, но при этом остается элегантной и никогда не "раздутой".
  • Шарф, чтоб побороть холод кондиционеров в самолетах. Обычно я беру тонкий шерстяной шарф, но последнее время меня нельзя "оторвать" от этого прекрасного шелкого шарфа.
  • Пара хороших книг и журналов составят вам отличную компанию в дороге. Я всегда еще пакую ежедневник-блокнот Moleskine. Никогда не знаешь, где настигнет тебя вдохновение
  • Салфетки, Iphone и носки (см пункт 2 "Борьба с холодом":)
  • Кошелек  (в моем случае Marc by Marc Jacobs), солнечные очки (Ralph Lauren), чтобы скрыть усталые глаза и пара украшений. Я всегда нахожу в конце поездки несколько браслетов или колец на дне сумки - результат многочисленных контролей в аэропортах.
  • Крем для рук ( Lancome, Sabon) - увлажнение, увлажнение и еще раз  увлажнение  
  • Зеркало, паспорт, жевачка, ручки
  • Бальзам для губ Dior
  • Часы (старомодно, но очень удобно следить за временем при выключенном телефоне) и визитки
  • А главное возьмите то, что действительно важно: паспорт, билеты и деньги. Без остального вы проживете.


  1. true! they are all essential!!

  2. Great post! I always pack a scarf in my carry-on bag as well!


  3. cute stuff u bring in it dear!:) kisses!:*

  4. You are just incredibly chic, new follower :)
    Brooke @ what2wear

  5. These what's in my bag tags are so fun! i did one too not too long ago on my site. I can't go without my sunglasses either. ahhah i always have tissues in my bag too!

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  6. great packing list! wishing i had remembered socks on my last flight! happy travels :)

    xo mary jo

  7. As I was reading this, I was mentally ticking off my own list because I also carry the same things. You're right, a scarf or pashmina is a must for the airplane. And my biggest must have is gloss and a rich hand cream. Great choices!

  8. wow! that looks like the contents of my bag lol I have WAY too many things!


  9. I always love seeing whats in peoples purses. So interesting, thanks for sharing! Great blog too, want to follow each other?


  10. so marvelous!


  11. A scarf is totally necessary - learnt that on my last big flight! 11 hours of air conditoning makes me cold, the scarf was my savior! haha!
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    The Urban Umbrella


  12. lovely stuff & have so fun!:D

  13. so chic stuff!!
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    kisses and Thank you

  14. Love your blog


  15. What a great post, I'm going away next week and was in need of packing tips. I ALWAYS forget how cold the plane is, I'll deff be bringing a scarf xxx

  16. А я вот почти отказалась этим летом от украшений в дороге)
    По остальным же пунктам почти то же самое ;)

  17. my bag looks just like that:-) great blog you have.

  18. haha thank you for the post :) You're always prepared.



  19. This makes me want to travel so badly!!! Great job packing :) That's everything on my list! CHeck us out too!! xx,The Golden Girls

  20. Nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other?


  21. I don't think I could have read this at a better time Alexandra!!!! LOVEEE the tips. I defintley hadnt thought of a scarf to cover me up for pesky flight air cons (I freeze all the time!) so will put that in my travel bag as I prepare for our big trip to Europe! Thank youuuu for such wonderful tips.

    Anna xo

  22. reading your post made me dream about travelling somewhere again. especially now when our Estonian weather sucks pretty hard! anyway, you take quite a lot goodies inside the plane. one thing that I always have with me is my camera.. and two lenses as well. quite heavy but I can't go without them :)
    I like your wallet btw!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  23. omg.. reading your post makes me envy.. cause almost a year I dont have traveling.. and just canceled 3 flight for my traveling cause of sick.. waow.. i never tough to give an intents advice like you.. thats really amazing.. so detail.. i guess i need to save it, sometime i'll need it.. thank you for sharing and lovely comment on my blog


  24. thanks for sharing your travel essentials
    i should learn how to pack better hahaha
    i have just followed your blog
    do follow mine too if you like it ;)

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  25. Great selection of traveling essentials!



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  27. I like your blog!


  28. Glad to see that we have the same approach (and items!) when it come to travelling. I also travel a lot and my bag is an essential extension of the suitcase, not to mention that it's way better to travel in style with some pretty accessories!

  29. I still like seeing what other girls carry in their bag, I need to do a blog post like this xx

  30. Great post! I've seen you've included the basic to me, the hand cream! (my hands get sooooooo dry on the planes!)

    Thank you very much for your comment and for visiting my blog!

    New post!


    Irene :)

  31. I always take many many magazines too:)) I have a new post and I would love it if you could check it out!:D


  32. THIS POST IS PERFECT. I love to travel, but always end up with loads of stuff in my bag. You have basically just created the perfect checklist for me.

    Also, I love your blog, I'm a new follower :)


  33. these are MUST every girl should have on their bags :P
    PS. British Elle is my favorite magazine of all times!!!!!!!!!!


  34. First: Thank you for your comment. (At least someone READS my posts and doesn't even look at the pictures. :P) Anyway, I highly appreciate your comments, you're so lovely! :)

    Second - referring to your post: Wow! It's exactly what I have in my bag, too, when I travel. Do you like to read all different kind of stuff, too? Novels, magazines... :) Once, I was at the airport in London and had nothing to read, and just when I walked to the gate, I discovered a vending machine with books! That certainly was the coolest thing I had ever come across at an airport. :) I love your handbad - it's looks so youthful and your purse, too - mainly because it is my favourite colour. ;)
    You're a real globetrotter, aren't you? ;)
    (Though it always annoys me that you're not allowed to have cream in your hand luggage when flying - or just a certain amount of whatever. And I'm always the one who get's "coincidently" picked for a closer look, they never choose any of my blonde, blue-eyed friends. :P)

    Have a nive travelling time this summer! :)

  35. Really lovely!! And thank you for the comment and for the follow! I followed you back.


  36. Very inspiring post. Your choices are always so stylish and refined!!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  37. Ha ha , we have similar choices when it came time to travel , the only think that I will ad is small bottle of perfume :) I love your blue bag so much !

  38. hah get out - i've been planning to do this kind of post FOREVER but haven't done it so far. i always plan but end up being in such a hurry when packing that i don't have time to take pictures of the process etc. but it was fun to see/read yours and i must say many things are similar, although i never travel light and, so guess i even have more stuff besides my bag is heavy since i have my camera, ipad and laptop with me. even though i use ipad a lot i still end up carrying my laptop with me all the time since it easier with the pictures and especially if i have to work during the trip... and i gotta say that to me a pair of warm socks on a plane is a MUST!