Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My summer beauty essentials

Most likely this feeling is known to every girl, the feeling when you open your mum's make-up box and you walk into the most wonderful and magical world of the grown-up ladies. Something tells me that I got my hands on my mum's lipsticks and eye-shadows earlier than I started walking. Oh those precious shiny tubes full of red and rosy pink lipsticks and lip glosses, that beautiful tiny boxes containing blushes and powders, the pallet of eye-shadows' colours bigger and more impressive than the colours of a rainbow! 
To say the least the little girl who admires make-up never has disappeared. And every time when I see a new lipstick or a sparkly powder she jubilantly cheers somewhere deep inside my heart. But enough of lyrics. 
I have my beauty essentials which I use all year long, though every season I add a new product to bring freshness  and create a difference in my make-up looks.
This season is all about peachy shades, rosy pink and healthy, pearls alike glow.
Above: Dior Show Extase mascara in noir, Dior eyeliner pencil in noir for a statement cat-eye look, 
Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush Tender Petal, 
a set of brushes: Bobbi Brown, MAC & Quo
Estee Lauder Wildly Pink (53) lipstick, 
Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle (05), 
Christian Dior Earth Perfection (609) eye-shadows, 
Guerlain Powder Bronzer (01), 
Guerlain KissKiss lip gloss (849)
Скорее всего это чувство известно каждой девочке, волшебное чувство, что ты попадаешь в мир взрослых леди, когда открываешь мамину коробку с косметикой.  Что-то подсказывает мне, что мои ручки дотянулись до маминых помад и теней прежде, чем я начала, собственно говоря, ходить. О те незабываемые блестящие тюбики с красными и розовыми помадами и блесками, все те магические, малюсенькие коробочки с пудрами и румянами, та палитра теней, которая с легкостью затмевала красотку самой радуги!
Маленькая девочка, очарованная косметикой мамы, никуда не делась. Каждый раз, когда я вижу новую помаду или блеск пудры, она торжественно ликует где-то в самой глубине моего сердца. Ну все, достаточно лирики.
В моей косметички есть набор средств и продуктов, которые я использую круглый год. Однако каждый сезон я добавляю что-то новое, чтобы преобразить мой макияж. 
Это лето отдано во владение персиково-розовых оттенков и здорового сияния кожи.
Продукты, перечисленные выше, являются для меня незаменимыми в этом сезоне.

To keep my skin healthy with a radiant glow and prepared for a make-up and hot summer days I use the following products. 
Above: Lancome Hydra Zen soothing anti-stress moisturising cream with SPF 15,
Vichy face cream SPF 30,
Guerlain Meteorites Powder Beige Chic (03) to add some extra glow
And my new addiction Dior Creme de Rose smoothing plumping lip balm SPF 10, it feels indeed like a touch of a rose petal. 
Для ухода за кожей, поддержания ее здорового вида и сияния, а также подготовки ее под макияж я использую продукты, перечисленные выше. Моей последней одержимостью стал питающий бальзам для губ Dior Creme de Rose, и правда создается такое ощущение, что наносишь на губы лепестки роз. Плюс бальзам содержит SPF 10.

And to channel this season a fashionable manicure on beautiful, wrinkles free hands I use the products above:
Lancome Nutrix Royal Mains cream,
I must admit that these season I've developed a serious obsession with peach colour, hence all the nail polishes are the variation of it.
Chanel Distraction (549)
Chanel Miami Peach (203)
Dior Orange Psychedelique (545)
Chanel Peche Nacree (515)
Chanel June (539)
Красивый маникюр и ухоженную кожу рук мне помогают создать и поддержать продукты выше. В этом сезоне я сама не своя до персикового цвета. Этим и объясняется то, что все лаки - вариация данного цвета.


  1. Aw yes, i also recall rummaging through my mum's make-up box when i was young. Some stellar pics, you have a lovely collection of beauty products. I can't live without blush, I really like the Guerlain powder/beads, it must create a lovely effect. Such pretty nail shades, the Dior especially!

  2. U lakov Chanel takie krasivie tsveta! Kak ledenci. :)

  3. What a collection have you here?! And yes, you are absolutely right on the feeling when I was younger of rummaging through my mom's make up *=(albeit now my collection is larger hehe!)


  4. Chanel nail polishes are gorgeous: june is fabulous!

  5. Love the colours of those Chanel polishes, so wonderful for summer<3

    The Urban Umbrella


  6. awesome list...I cant live without gloss and mascara, this is my first time on your blog and I love it, following on bloglovin

  7. Looks like some pretty good essentials. I'll be the first to admit that I should probably take better care of my skin in the summer- but I'm just so lazy........ :)

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  9. Oh I love beauty posts to discover what other people like and find inspirations for new products or skincare range...You have an amazing selection of nail polish! This week-end I (finally) have a mani-pedi appointment...cannot wait!

  10. Замечательный пост!))

  11. Aw yes, I used to go through my Mum's make up bag when I was little! I love your collection of Chanel nail colours xxx

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  14. lovely stuff :D love the nailpolishes,the colors are so beautiful!

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    Nuevo post!

    Irene :)

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  20. oh I love your nail polishes SO much! btw, how big is your whole collection? :P
    and when it comes to make-up I'm not the biggest fan and for an example during summertime I use only like three products in total for my face. though of course I do like beautiful products and high quality :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  21. heh reading your post reminded me of myself when i was a little girl, going through my moms make-up box... i would take her bright pink lipstick she didn't even use, put it on my lips and go outside (as a little girl who played with boys mostly i of course had muddy clothes to go with my bright lipstick). funny to think of it now.
    your make-up collection looks pretty amazing and it would be fun to see you introducing it in a video or something. im sure you probably don't have time for it but im just saying it would definitely be interesting to see :)

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    style frontier

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