Saturday, 7 July 2012

Insta Life

Instagram got into my blood. I love, I'm obsessed with it. Here are some shots from my previous two weeks. A mix of all pretty and yammy which life offers us.
Have a wonderful weekend and see you @fashionbridge
Инстаграм проник в мою кровь. Кажется, я не могу существовать без его объектива. Выкладываю пару снимков всего прекрасного и вкусного, что дарит нам жизнь.
Хороших выходных и увидимся на @fashionbridge
Above: My new vintage Celine clutch and some quality arm-party with my boyfriend's Omega as a key guest
Наверху: мой новый винтажный клатч Celine и серьезная вечеринка из браслетов на моём запястье. Главный гость - часы моего молодого человека.

Above: Some flowers in my apartment and incredible silk scarf I received from my mum. I've hardly ever seen a pattern more beautiful than this one. It's full with magical animals and fantastic birds.
Below: my new obsession - an olive green fedora
Наверху: Цветы, я всегда покупаю их охапками. Люблю, когда в доме есть цветы. Невероятный шарф, который я получила в подарок от мамы. Я вряд ли видела когда либо такой красивый узор. Шёлк шарфа заселён волшебными птицами и магическими животными.
Внизу: моя новая одержимость - оливково-зелёная шляпа

Below: yammies - an apple pie and my favourite Celine tote
Внизу: вкусняшки - яблочный пирог и моя любимая сумка Celine
Above: A random shot made on one of the canals while in Amsterdam. I love that Club Monaco dress. Second photo is of Norte Dame de Paris.
Below: Leopard print & macarons
Наверху: снимок сделан на одном из каналов в Амстердаме. Я очень люблю это синее платье из Club Monaco. Второй снимок - знаменитый Собор Парижской Богоматери.
Внизу: леопард и macarons


  1. хи-хи как мило написали про часы и браслеты!
    от этого поста получила дозу вдохновения! здорово!(:

  2. Love the Instashots of your life! The first picture of the Eiffel Tower is great, and like the pink flowers too. So lucky to received a beautiful scarf! Loved your elegant navy dress with the red heels - killer outfit!

  3. Dear Alexandra, as you know I'm an enthusiast follower of your Instagram account! It's a pleasure to see your daily style and you were absolutely right: this is an addictive & wonderful app!! Have a great w-e!

  4. Prześlicznie klimatyczne zdjęcia, a ty wyglądasz bardzo ślicznie sukienka bardzo seksi :)
    w wolnej chwili zapraszam do mnie, nowe zmiany :)

  5. that kind of flowers are so parisian :P
    and love how you look with the hat and the tweed jacket! tres chic!!

  6. I love Paris and your details :)

  7. Lovely pictures as always! I especially love the dress you wore in Amsterdam!! Xoxo

  8. You look amazing!

  9. I Love the first picture, and you look gorgeous!!!

  10. Beautiful picutres. ;) They're so dreamy... and make me homesick, as always when I see such gorgeous photographs of my home. But I'm sitting here in windy Germany, getting my brain melted while trying to study. :P It's a shame!
    But I hope you have fun and enjoy!

  11. Im also intagramed-obsesed!
    ps: what I wouldn't be back in Paris!

  12. какие цветы обалденные!
    даа, инстаграм как наркотик :D
    подписалась тоже:)

  13. gorgeous pictures, it looks like a lovely trip! x

  14. Lovely pics. Thanks for your comment!

    You are really beautiful

    A chic kiss ;-)

  15. You have a fabulous live there, love them all! Especially this first, it's marvellous! The flowers are so beautiful too!
    I would like to follow you in Instagram, could you say your name there?
    I am quite new there, so I don't know that many people :D.


  16. every photo here is simply wonderful and full of cool emotions and memories.
    you in that gorgeous blue dress look stunning and I LOVE the dress. it indeed is the perfect dress! and then there is that slice of apple pie and an extremely hungry me.. I want that pie :P
    anyway, you know how I feel about your Instagram posts ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  17. Инстаграм наверное многих не оставляет равнодушными :)) Первое фото особенно потрясное!

  18. I already follow you on Instagram Alexandra and loveee seeing all your gorgeous photos - you share so many beautiful things!! Its not every day I get to see a photo of the eiffel tower or different parts of the world. Instagram is SUCH a fun way to view the world through somebody elses eyes, if only for a moment. Keep the gorgeous photos coming :)

    Anna xo

  19. I love those photos!!

  20. Beautiful pics! I might just have to join this thing... Just afraid of too much addiction! haha Those Macaroons look DELISH!


  21. Hi dear! so lovely images, I like your outfits and the bracelets are very cool! yum for the macarons! happy monday and week!:) kisses!:*

  22. the photos are really beautiful :D

  23. Great pics! Your mother gave you a beautiful gift, the scarf is really gorgeous ;)
    Thank you so much for stopping!!!! BTW....besides GFC, I'm following you now on bloglovin as well (#65)
    Have a wonderful week<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  24. Great photos! I'm going to have to look you up on Instagram. I'm @peanutsms if you'd like to find me :)

  25. cute blog, just followed you back;)

  26. i must say i love your photos!!!
    very stylish blog.

    Following u now via Goggle + and blog lovin'. Follow me back if you like! ♥
    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom

  27. hi! thanks for your lovely comment... I love everything in yur blog... do you want us to follow each other???? let me know ok!

  28. Hope you had a good weekend, thanks for your comment!

  29. Looks gorgeous!

    wish i had an iphone with instagram, instead i'm stuck with a nokia brick :(


  30. today I've post some photos from paris :D
    i like your photos so much !