Thursday, 21 June 2012

Trend report: Summer Sunnies

Weather it's a pair of aviators or oversized à la Jackie O, whether you have them in tortoise or in neon pink, whether they are of a cat-eye or a round shape - sunglasses is an IT item which adds a cool and stylish vibe just by being there, on your nose. 
Sunglasses (aka sunnies or shades) went beyond being the eyes' protection or accessories. They've become way to express your personality (or to keep it incognito). For many a pair of favourite sunglasses has as much meaning and value as a pair of Manolo for Carrie Bradshow. 
For designers, on the other hand, sunglasses turned into an additional method to set a trend which basically means to earn some extra dollars. This trap is dangerous for ours, consumers' wallets as any other designers' "dear-public-this-item-is-so-hip-right-now-that-you-have-to-buy-it-straight-away" joke. 
When it comes to choosing a pair of shades I personally tend to neglect any trends and opt for what suits my face shape, skin & hair colour and my mood. Here are some of my all time favourites. 

Будь то авиаторы или а-ля Джекки Кеннеди, в черепаховой или в ярко-розовой оправе, в форме бабочек или круглые - солнечные очки являются IT  вещью, которая добавляет стиля и загадочности образу уже только по факту своего присутствия на вашем носу. 
Солнечные очки превзошли своё первичное предназначение защиты для глаз и аксессуара, став способом выражения личности (или, если хотите, способом сохранения вашей личности инкогнито). Для многих любимая пара значит так же много, как туфли Manolo Blahnik  для Кэрри Брэдшоу.
Для дизайнеров же, с другой стороны, солнечные очки стали еще одним способом установить моду, тренд, что в свою очередь означает заработать лишних денег. Такая ловушка настолько же опасна для наших кошельков, как и любая другая шутка дизайнеров из серии: "эта вещь настолько в моде в данный момент, что вы, дорогой мой потребитель, просто обязаны купить ее немедленно ". 
Когда дело доходит до покупки новой пары солнечных очков, я не обращаю внимание на тренды, а выбираю наиболее подходящие моей форме лица, цвету волос и кожи, и настроению. Ниже представлены одни из моих самых любимых солнечных очков.

I'm wearing (from top to bottom, from left to right):
Rebecca Minkoff Chelsea sunglasses in gold
D&G aviators 
Marc by Marc Jacobs Printed Cat Eye sunglasses


  1. i'm in for all the designs, in this moment I'm into Cat eye sunglasses! Wonderful Marc by Marc Jacobs!

  2. интересный блог!давай будем постоянными читателями друг у друга ?)

  3. a very proper post! I think summer is finally here in Estonia too, at least today it is :)
    and you definitely have a sweet selection of sunnies in your hands! my biggest favourites are the two pairs in the middle. and well, I want a pair of new sunnies for myself :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. I have a strange fascination with sunglasses, even the ones that look terrible on me. I wear them all year round though since my eyes are so light, so I think that's an excuse to be able to hoard lots of them, right?

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  6. love sunglasses especially cat eyes one :)
    Today I bought a blue one with stars (Accessorize)

  7. thanks for your sweet comment :) love all the sunnies! im so lazy with them i only have like 2 pairs hahah


  8. I'm a sunnies addicted! My fave are the Furla ones :)


  9. Hele leuke post!!
    De Furla sunnies zijn absoluut mijn favoriet.
    Ze staan je geweldig!


  10. love them all!! :)

  11. Great array of sunnies! You look fab in all!

    By the way... just nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award. Come check out the instructions on how to get the award on my last post.

    XOXO Dana

  12. nobody can ever have too many pairs of sunglasses right :) i tend to buy a new pair and pretty much only wear that one most of the time. right now i'm kind of boring and switch between aviators and wayfarers since i just find them the best looking for me but i'm still open for anything new - who knows what summer sales may bring :) i do like your Armani sunglasses a lot...

  13. I so relieved am not the only sunnie addict around!
    You have to rock them in all shape and shade, they add that special something to any outfit!!
    Giveaway on my blog here:
    Kisses dear!

  14. I love the Ralh Lauren ones, fit you great.
    I don't know if you have seen the Versatile Blogger award I gave you in my blog
    is not the last entry

  15. All the sunglasses looks good on you! is true that sometimes we like so much a pair of sunglasses but don't goes with our face :( is sad hahaha.


  16. Superleuke zonnebrillen! Vind de 1e en 2e echt geweldig :) Staan je goed! XX

  17. Love your blog!
    Follow me if you like my blog and I''ll follow you back.

    In a Blonde's Wardrobe

  18. You look great in all your sunnies and definitely picked the right shapes. I am sunglass obsessed more than usual this summer and can't stop from coveting all the chunky versions now that I have just bagged that pair of Tom Ford cat eyes that I was wanting. Happy weekend to you!

    xo Mary Jo

  19. Leuke zonnebrillen! Ik ben zelf nog op zoek naar een clubmaster, maar ik heb nog geen goede gevonden

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  20. Beautiful pics! I love your sunglasses!!!


  21. Hi Good evening I liked your photos and you are very good glasses.

    Big kiss

  22. Alexandra, you have such a beautiful selection of sunglasses! I only own two pairs and, to be honest, until recently I barely worn sunnies...then I 'met' the Celine Audrey and it was love at first sight (ah ah...): such a classic shape that it's perfect for every season!

  23. Ahhh Alexandra you have so many gorgeous pairs of sunnies, you suit so many different styles you lucky thing!! I think I'm a little limited with my face shape, but it could just be me being picky...I love aviators though :) Love this post, I need some more pairs before I hit Europe and I'm not in every photograph with the same pair haha p.s thank you SO much for your kind and very thoughtful comment on my blog. I get encouraged to keep writing posts like that when I get beautiful comments like yours.

    Anna xo

  24. Those pics are too cool! It's a great collage you made - love each and every single outfit you combined with your sunglasses. ;) you look really VIP!