Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Travelling: Paris Diaries Part I

There were a lot of words said about Paris in books, poems, movies and even paintings: "Paris je t'aime", "Midnight in Paris", "Last Tango in Paris", "Arch of Triumph", "Notre-Dame de Paris" to name a few.  I'm wondering whether the same lines will be ever repeated when Paris is discussed. The city is incredibly reach with history, culture, inspiration, people and atmosphere. By now I've been in Paris for quite some times (see here one of my previous trips) and every single time it doesn't fail to surprise me and create a totally different impression on me.
It was absolutely magnifique and mysterious at a damp and warm night. It revealed its face from previous era's when I stepped onto a market full of antique furniture and vintages jewellery and clothes. Fabulous gowns from the 20-ies, 30-ies and 50-ies completely overwhelmed my fashionably fragile mind. There is no second place in the world where you can buy Hermes, Celine, Dior, YSL, Chanel for such a price! I've scored a vintage Celine clutch and scarf and an YSL brooch for ridiculously little money.
Paris wakes up a gourmet in every person. By only looking at delicious macarons my stomach twists in a sweet anticipation. 
I got a feeling like I was in a movie, let's say Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" when I saw a girl dancing on the steps of a church in the rain. A romantic, spellbinding, a true Parisian scene. 
Про Париж сказано много. "Париж, я тебя люблю", "Полночь в Париже", "Последнее танго в Париже", "Триумфальная арка", "Собор Парижской Богоматери", пожалуй, можно перечислять до ночи. Я иногда задаюсь вопросом, возможно ли найти в литературе или кино две абсолютно одинаковые строчки, описывающие этот город. Думаю, нет, настолько Париж богат историей, культурой, людьми, атмосферой, вдохновением, что он стал неповторимым в прямом смысле этого слова. Я уже не раз бывала в Париже (здесь отчет об одной из моих поездок), и каждый раз город не перестает удивлять и впечатлять меня.
В этот раз Париж был абсолютно загадочным и magnifique в теплоте сырой ночи. Он открыл мне свои лица прошлого, когда я ступила на рынок полный антиквариата и винтажной одежды. Невероятно красивые наряды 20-х, 30-х и 50-х годов поразили моё падкое на моду воображение. В мире нет второго города, где можно купить Hermes, Celine, Dior, YSL, Chanel по такой смехотворной цене. Мне посчастливилось стать обладательницей винтажного шёлкого шарфа и клатча Celine, а также нежной и изысканной броши YSL. 
Париж будет в человеке истинного гурмана. От одного только взгляда на восхитительные macarons мой желудок сжимается в сладком предвкушении. 
Завершающим штрихом образа Парижа была девушка, танцующая балет на ступенях заброшенной церкви под дождем. Завораживающая сцена, имеющая место быть только в Париже. 

I'm wearing: top Zara, pants Sinequanone, jacket Vanilia, bag Celine, sandals SuperTrash, scarf 1 bought on the market in Paris, scarf 2 Pieces, sunnies Marc by Marc Jacobs, bracelets vintage, Bijenkorf, Ettika, Tiffany's, Swarovski


  1. Beautiful photos! I love ur outfit!:) Kisses!

  2. Wow Paris looks so amazing, I've only heard wondrful things about it too from my friends who've travelled there! I must go there one day!
    Love your outfits, the white patterned shirt is adorable!

    The Urban Umbrella


  3. Paris is my dream city! how gorgeous pictures! you look perfect! amazing outfits!
    3 giveaways on my blog!

  4. Красотища! топик с котиками клёвый!

  5. stunning photos, i love Paris so much. i love your top.

    thanks for your comment :) xxx

  6. These photos are amazing. There really is something special about Paris that seems to resonate in everyone who visits it!

  7. Oh yay, you're in Paris!! it looks like a beautiful and magical city and you describe it so well. I would so love to get lost in those romantic streets some day. Lovely photos sweetie! I adore the cute print top, great outfit.

  8. your comment is the highlight of my morning! thank you so much for the sweet words girlie. love your paris pictures, what fun! the rooftops snapshot is just divine. bisous xx

  9. So adorable blog, following me too! These pics are amazing!
    Keep in touch!! Follow on Bloglovin' too?
    Xoxoxo baby


  10. Very inspiring post. Your choices are always so stylish and refined!!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  11. okay, this is seriously wonderful! I knew I must travel to Paris someday but after seeing your photos and enjoying every word you wrote I'm even more sure. must go!
    I also fell in love with your top, hehe. usually I'm not a so called Zara girl at all and I don't have almost anything from Zara but that top looks just perfect :) and gosh, how well it goes with the second scarf!
    ps. I'm definitely looking forward to part II ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  12. Your photos are making me want to travel your outfits too!


  13. absolutey lovely pic.
    I love your to- it reminds me Victoria Beckham collection style and your bag <3
    great blog, very inspiring - I am yournew follower :-)

  14. Great pics! I would like to go there :-)

    A chic kiss ;-)

  15. Paris is dreamy!
    my boyfriend gave me as gift a trip to this beautiful city and I felt in love.
    perfect outfit to look around french capital :)

  16. thats a beautiful celine u got there,looks modern vintage

  17. Paris is wonderful and you captured the essence in your photos! great outfits you have worn there !
    p.s. great great scarf!

  18. OMG your shirt is so beautiful! I love it!!!!!

  19. i know i keep repeating myself but Paris truly is magnifique! these are such amazing photos and i'm very excited to see the rest! and of course you look fabulous as always :)

  20. I(s the Celine clutch the one in the 6th picture? I love it!! I am also very curious about your brouch :-)
    And I think the dancing girl in the rain is amazing! really movie-like :-))

  21. Alexandra, I'm so glad that you had such a great time in Paris! If I could, I would live there...the atmosphere is full of art and beauty, everywhere...BTW, I love the Zara cat top and last week I almost got it!

  22. Wow, I am so jealous but yet happy that you could enjoy this fantastic city. I have been there only once for one day, so I really couldn't see that much, but I know that I will go there back some day :). I loved your cute outfit though.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

    J. -

  23. уже третий раз возвращаюсьна к вам в блог посмотреть на фото ночного Нотр-Дама. Очень сильное фото,собор получился хмурый, как из романа Гюго!
    буду рада взаимно подписаться