Monday, 18 June 2012

My looks: stealing from my boyfriend's closet

So this is it, the Dutch summer. As you see I'm wearing panties and a wool sweater. However I'm not the one to be complaining. Because of the bad weather I had a chance to make a quick visit to my boyfriend's closet  which I do not on a regular basis still it brings a quality damage of a first-class thief to the content of the closet. 
The appeal of a boyfriend's clothes to girls is not a secret any more, thanks to unisex style and the Man Repeller. Personally I find way more stylish preppy (which I have a soft spot for) pieces in men collections than in women's. Besides there is a romantic sentimentality in having something from your beloved man on your wrist or shoulders. 
So watch out boys, keep your clothes properly locked from your girlfriends!
Вот это и оно, голландское лето. Как вы видите, на мне шерстяной свитер и колготки. Хотя, у меня нет повода для жалоб. Холодная погода дала мне шанс наведаться в гардероб моего молодого человека. Что я делаю нечасто, но зато с ловкостью первоклассного вора. 
Притягательность мужской одежды для женщин уже ни для кого не секрет благодаря стилю унисекс и блогу the Man Repeller. Лично я нахожу намного больше оригинальных вещей в мужских коллекциях нежели чем в женских. Кроме того есть что-то романтически сентиментальное в "заимствовании" одежды у любимого мужчины.
Так что, мальчики, настоятельно рекомендую держать ваши шкафы на замках!:)

I'm wearing: shirt Benetton, my boyfriend's sweater Calvin Klein, skirt Zara, sandals JW Anderson for Aldo, bag Mulberry, watch my boyfriend's Omega, bracelets Ettika, Bijenkorf, sunglasses Dolce Gabbana


  1. I like the combination. The sweater goes with your panties and blue goes with red... I love it.


  2. it's a good idea!
    I like boyfit, but not for me because I'm too little and thin and I seem loose

  3. Wow! J'adore! :D wonderful!!!

    New post on my blog, check it! :D

  4. Hele coole look.
    Super leuke schoentjes
    & tas.

    LOVE BO,

  5. Your outfit is super great ! I often like to wear my husband clothes:)

  6. Borrowing from my Hubby's side of the closet was my favorite in our first years of marriage but now since I have plenty of my own stuff I hardly feel the need but maybe I should venture to that side again...hmphphhh!
    Cute look you put together. Love the matchy between the bag and watch. I also like how the sweater and shirt (so masculine) pair sweetly against the skirt and cute summer sandals (so sweet).

    XOXO Dana

  7. Hello happy day.
    Beautiful look your skirt is love it.
    Great style.

  8. Love your blog. :)

    Would like to follow each other on GFC???

    Reach me at: Makeup and Beauty Home

  9. Woo!! the red bag took my heart away. Really cool

    I am following ur blog now.


  10. Я вообще люблю больше всё мужское..особенно ароматы!
    Босоножки классные!

  11. your shoes and bag is so bright, fresh and colourful!

  12. очень интересный блог!заходи в гости и подписывайся на мой)

  13. The colour of the sweater looks great on you!! Very good idea to borrow stuff from your boyfriend :-) You know I also bought that skirt? I think I was unconsiously inspired by you!
    How come you are so tanned by the way?

    1. I'm happy dear that I inspire you! The skirt is indeed really sweet and romantic. Plus it goes almost with everything!:)
      Me tanned? I think it comes from the lens. I was quite a lot in the sun, but it was like 3-4 weeks ago...



  14. Александра, спасибо за комментарии! Мне очень очень очень приятно!
    эх, не верится, что где-то может быть настолько холодно, что надо надевать колготы и свитер, когда за окном 30 градусов :)
    замечательный наряд!


  15. cute sandals!!

  16. I love the mulberry bag, poor bf less room in the closet and they even have too share with us, great sweater.
    Have a look on my blog I gave you an award, comgratulations for your first year bloggin!!!
    Following you!
    kisses from Spain

  17. this is a truly wonderful outfit and I love sweaters like that since they're comfy and warm and classy as well. I also absolutely love the red watch and how it matches with your bright Mulberry bag. okay, and how awesome are the shoes! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  18. cute outfit :)


  19. I love wearing my boyfriend's sweaters as well!
    My Own Project

  20. I absolutely love the skirt and the heels!!

    Kisses :)

    Eyes of zodiac

  21. I love this bag :)
    Now i'm following you on GFC and Bloglovin, hope you follow me back!
    xoxo AngelaMia

  22. I also love red hairs! but my parents got a little scared so i toned it down to light brown! haha:) Cute sweater!! xx

  23. Those heels area stunner and love the red bag! I've always had a thing for my hubby's jackets! I always wonder why don't they make such smart ones for women too?

  24. this is nice... haha i steal from my boyfriend's closet too.. with permission of course.. hehe

    xo, Carla

  25. Amazing work. The pics are perfect and the post is fantastic. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  26. Love this outfit, very unexpected! :)


  27. you totally rocked with your boyfriend's stuff! haha
    your red Mulberry is gorgeous!

    Pinkbow Icecream

  28. Great outfit, that bag is gorgeous!

  29. you look so pretty! we really love your sweater!

  30. Beautiful JW Anderson heels!

  31. Great outfit! Love your sandals :)

  32. although i tend to take the easy road and wear flats instead i love heels and the ones you have on are gorgeous! i love stealing from my boyfriends closet too! especially t-shirts. and for some funny reason i always end up stealing exactly the same t-shirt he wanted to wear on that day. poor guy :)

  33. Great looks! Thx to follow, I follow you back!!!

  34. Haha aw, yeah there certainly is an appeal in borrowing from a boy ;)
    I love stealing hoodies. Lol they smell so good, like the guy!
    Great styling of his shirt, you look super cute

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    Trendy Teal

  35. Well hey I too would raid and wear the stuff from my bf's cupboard if I could look this good - and doing so in Ralph Lauren ;) I take it your Summers arent that hot? Where are you from? I love this outfit though! p.s thank you for your sweet comment, and your congrats was as appreciated now as it would have been when I finished the degree :) :) xx

    Anna xo

  36. I love that skirt!

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  37. it is always so much fun raiding a boyfriend's closet isn't it?

    xx rae

  38. I can never resist a good boyfriend piece, especially when it comes from my guy!

    xo Mary Jo

  39. Классный look!!! Обожаю серый цвет!!! Обалденные босоножки!!!
    Хорошего дня!

  40. haha I always do that!! love men's shirts with shorts!!! :D

  41. Love that bag and lip color.