Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My looks: the Denim Tale Part I

Levi's, G-Star, Replay, Wrangler, Diesel, Guess Jeans, Seven Jeans, Lee, 7 for all Mankind, Calvin Klein, Gap, Current/Elliott, Edwin, True Religion, Miss Sixty. Bootcut, straight, skinny, boyfriend, flare, wide legged, high waisted, low waisted, cropped. It's hard to choose a right pair from the sea of different jeans offered by a wide range of brands. I went through what it seems all stages of the denim affair. I could call myself Samantha Jones when it comes to jeans. The scale of this relationships ranges from extra wide legged denim love to super skinny jeans obsession.  However I was always faithful to one thing - colour, dark blue denim colour. 
After quite a time being fully dedicate to skinny jeans I came back to old good bootcuts.

I'm wearing: denim Fornarina, shirt J Crew, shoes Aldo (old), bag See by Cloe (old), bracelet Calvin Klein, sunglasses Rebecca Minkoff  


  1. love your shirt!


  2. Отличный образ. Коралловый и джинса так здорово сочетаются.

  3. I like what you're wearing! and actually I can even say I pretty much share the love for jeans from time to time. I own quite many pairs but don't have the heart to throw anything away :P
    your jeans look brilliant together with those classy heels and elegant shirt. I love the photos as well! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Ах .... вери ГУД !!!!
    Отлично, у тебя не может быть иначе !!!!!
    Спасибо, за настроение !!!!
    Успехов !!

  5. I love the print on the pumps and how it correlated to the shirt. Great classy pairing of jeans!

    Happy Wednesday!


    XOXO Dana

  6. Such lovely words to accompany such gorgeous photos!! :) I have an eternal love affair with denim (in most styles, in every colour) but I DONT yet have wide style ones like this but I love them - I might have to expand my collection ;) Great post.

    Anna xo

  7. I like your denim evolution. Boot cut is the most flattering and when I come to my senses, I'll stop wearing skinnies and go back to the boot cut, haha.

    xo Mary Jo

  8. Beautiful outfit. Makes me want to head straight to Aldo and shop... Love those shoes very much. Frankly, love everything. Personally I am also very loyal to blue denims and do like my boot cuts, although I'm still looking for my perfect pair, it's such a hard work!!! x

  9. Your jeans and your glasses are so beautiful <3 and red looks good on you :))


  10. LOVE Fornarina! :)
    great post dear!

  11. I absolutely LOVE your shoes, top and sunglasses <333 Great post! :D

    Cindy C.

  12. and i think you've chosen just the perfect pair of shoes to go with the jeans!

    i figured it's much easier to reply you here, so thank you for your ALWAYS wonderful comments on my blog! you're just too nice!
    i think i know what you mean by missing Toronto so badly - i did that too when i hadn't visited it for two years. literally homesick, which i thought was kind of funny but it sure has become my home over the years.
    i wish i had more nice photos to share - it would be nice for you to see the places you've been to again, get that sort of nostalgic feeling i guess :)
    the woman in the pictures is my aunt and yes, people always think she's my mother 'cause there's something that makes us look quite similar although she has these gorgeous big lips i can only dream about heheh

    thanks again for your comments that always make my day, Alexandra! :)

    1. Dear Norah!

      I can't even describe how nice to hear all that lovely words from you! You say I'm nice but you're absolutely nice and kind yourself!!! Okey, shall we say we both very nice:)haha!
      It's great to see all that photos from you and to hear the stories! It makes me be sort of closer to Toronto:) when are you going there again?
      I guess people think that you two are mother and daughter because you both are natural beauties!

      Thank you Norah for being so nice and sweet!I know that sounds stupid but I think we sort of creating here a bloggers friendship:)

      Have a great day dear!



    2. I absolutely agree!! and it's only a good thing :)

      My trips always happen so suddenly, I don't usually plan them long time ahead: just depends on how things are with school and how are the flights: what's available and what price. The last trip just came out of nowhere because of the free trip to Mexico. Also, I usually try to see my aunt and uncle at least twice a year since we're very close, so we try to meet somewhere in the world. Last two times it has been Toronto but often we meet in France for an example (closer for me). So I'm not sure when my next trip will take place but I'm sure already excited for it :)

      thanks again for your kind words Alexandra! :)

  13. Oh I do love the cut of your jeans. And I definitely know what you mean because I have been digging out old jeans for a bit now!

  14. Туфли просто отпад!Они делают этот образ теплым и свежим)Что сказать...Нравится!

  15. I can understand why you stand faithful to that shade of jeans, it looks so great with just any shape! Classy. ;) Simple as that.

    When it comes to shades, I'm extremely promiscuous, but I always stay faithful for waist cut jeans. ;)

  16. Hi dear, great cut on your jeans...very chic outfit. The shoes are stunning!

  17. Those shoes are amazing!!! love this combination of flare jeans and bold red shirt ! excellent look !

  18. Классическое сочетание цветов. Красивый образ.

  19. Hi good morning beautiful, happy weekend. Loved the post you are beautiful shirt has a fantastic color Big kiss.

  20. Fornarina always has great jeans, they fit so elegant! I am still not used to not wearing skinny jeans, but always love bootcuts them when I see them on other people :-)

  21. Ohh I am a big fan of bootcut jeans! Sometimes I get sick of wearing skinnies all the time.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog! Following you now :)

  22. Отличный denim look! Давненько я джинсы не носила :P