Thursday, 22 March 2012


Vogue...VOGUE... The Fashion Bible…THE magazine existence of which in a country basically shows how “fashionable” the country is.
This week became quite significant for the Dutch world of fashion: the first edition of the very Dutch Vogue has been issued. For nearly half a year the country’s own Vogue was the topic of many discussions in the Dutch fashion circles. Everything about it was an enigma from the name of the Chief Editor and the date of the first issue to the cover look.  Millions of questions including “whether the Netherlands is actually ready to its own Vogue” were rolling in the minds like the waves of the blustering ocean are rolling on a sand shore.
The day came and the first issue landed in my hands. The first impression?...Even though I’m absolutely into the pastel galore this season and I do think that the cover is very Vogue I must admit I still consider it to be too caramel-sweet for the Dutch ultra-casual style and (God, allow me to say) mind-set. As well after re-watching yesterday “The September Issue” (not by chance shown on TV) I would expect more of the wow factor from the ever first cover. However I don’t give up on the Dutch Vogue so easily and leaving you with a few images of the editorials to make up your own mind, I’m off to explore the insides of the magazine.
Vogue...VOGUE... Библия Моды…Журнал, наличие которого в стране показывает насколько «модной» является данная страна.
Нынешняя неделя выдалась невероятно значительной для голландского мира моды: в продажу вышел первый в истории номер голландского Vogue. Собственный Vogue явился наиболее обсуждаемой в модных кругах Голландии темой за последние полгода.  Абсолютно все о журнале держалось в строжайшем секрете: от имени главного редактора и даты выпуска до образа первой обложки. Миллионы вопросов, включая и «Готова ли Голландия к своему собственному Vogue?», бурлили в обществе, как штормовые волны на океане.
День пришел и первый номер журнала оказался у меня в руках. Моё самое первое впечатление?... Хотя я абсолютно покорена пастельной тематикой нынешнего сезона и я правда считаю, что обложка получилась в стиле Vogue, тем неменее должна отметить, что на мой взгляд она получилась уж слишком карамельно-сладкой для голландского ультро –casual стиля и (с позволения Бога) видения моды. Так же, после очередного просмтора “The September Issue”, не случайно показанного вчера по телевизору, я ожидала более изысканной и интригующей, дышащей лучшими стандартами Vogue обложки. Всё же я не склонна моментально ставить крест на голландском Vogue. И, оставляя вас с несколькими «кадрами» из журнала и с собственными размышлениями на тему, отправляюсь на исследования внутренностей данного номера.


  1. My favourite edition of Vogue remains the Italian one. The content and visual impact always brings something new.

  2. I think it's pretty cool they got their own Vogue. nice achievement! but to be honest I'm not the biggest Vogue fan.. I read it rarely. more often I read Teen Vogue because it doesn't need that much time from me :P btw, I love that photo with the old car! really classy!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Wow that must be really exciting for them to start Vogue! All I can say about it, is that the editorials are pretty amazing! I dont have anything negative to say about it..will definitely have to get my hands on the dutch vogue, if i ever find it in a shop! :)

  4. i think it's great that dutch have their very own Vogue now! although i prefer to buy magazines that are in english, i'd definitely give it a go. if it's just nice to look at then the language doesn't always matter right :)

  5. ahaaaa! I bought it too today, but haven't been able to read it completely YET!

  6. This is so exciting, I wish Safrica also had their own version of Vogue. The cover looks very 90's vintage and definitely Vogue-ish. Super stylish editorials too!

  7. first of all congrats on having your first Vogue, even though as you say the dutch style deserves more of a V Magazine than Vogue.
    I think they have been playing it safe for the first issue, hopefully the magazine will reflect more of the Netherlands style which I love in the following issues. I don't want dutch people to learn from Vogue and change their style, I would much more prefer Vogue to learn from the great dutch style

  8. How cool is it that there is now a Dutch Vogue! I love the last photoshoot - great styling and movement!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. I have just discovered your blog and lucky to comment here. I think your blog is adorable.Mind to follow each other? I make sure follow you back, dear!

    have a nice weekend!

  10. great photos!

  11. I love the cover! :)

    - Victoria

  12. я думаю,что для начала это очень и очень неплохо)

  13. i've read about your first vogue issue but i still can't believe that you just got your first vogue. i mean EVEN Greece has its own vogue, its crazy for you to not have one.
    i agree with you, for the first issue i expected something more dramatic more stunning

  14. I will definitely buy it next week and enjoy my train rides from and to work a bit more :)) I agree with you on the cover, but we'll see what happens in the future.

  15. i love vogue :))