Thursday, 8 December 2011

Inspirations: Jerry Hall & Georgia May Jagger for H&M Holiday 2011

Well guys I don’t know about you but I looove this photo. The longer I look at it the more beauty and perfection I find in this shoot. I’m very into mother-daughter relationships and I’m absolutely jazzed about the feeling the photo gives: closeness, affection, beauty. Very Christmas-ish indeed:) And boy, Jerry Hall rocks!
The other photos from H&M Holiday collection shoot are definitely worth checking  out as well as the collection, by the way.
Не знаю, как вы, но я просто влюблена в эту фотографию. Чем дольше я на нее смотрю, тем больше убеждаюсь насколько красив и идеален этот снимок. Сама я типичная мамина дочка (и папина, правда, тоже :)), видимо, поэтому мне так близок снимок и то, что он несет: близость, теплоту, любовь, красоту. Очень по-новогоднему!
Джерри Холл шикарна! Очевидно, кому обязана своей красотой Джорджия Мэй. Кстати, стоит обратить внимание и на другие снимки Новогодней Коллекции H&M, впрочем, как и на саму коллекцию.  



  1. Georgia is stunning! And I so love her sweater)))hihi



  2. i tried on that blouse from h and m, still not sure about it though.

  3. wow, I didn't even know about the collection! but you're right - Jerry Hall does look great :) and the photo is lovely. btw, I really like the chic blouse which Jerry is wearing!

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  4. Не могу не согласиться!! Фотка и вправду ХОРОША!! Но их вещи я не люблю...........качество ммм... не очень!!!

  5. So gorgeous!


    P.S. Thanks for visiting my new blog :)

  6. amazing dear=)
    kisses pretty and have a nice day!

  7. i actually just stared at it for 2 minutes...its so beautiful! I am the biggest fan EVER of georgia may jagger! she is so beautiful and i love her faily, i also love the jumper she is wearing! :) ~ XO

  8. I really like the H&M Christmas holidays campaign! This image is beautiful, but when I see it next to the Bryan Ferry & son I found it really weird...they were a couple and look at them now! Life...

  9. totaly nice shot, hope to have one like this with my mom.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog -- wish we could follow each other.! kisses

  10. What a cool picture, and interesting post. I don't know why I'd never put together that those two and mother and daughter?!

  11. I really love this new campaign they have rolling out. I seriously love older people on ads - they make me want to buy the items more since they're wiser =P