Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fall favourites

Well here I am officially and inevitably addicted. And no wonder why! How could anybody not to be magnetized by these shimmery colours which awaken darker, mysterious yourself. Genius Lagerfeld did not disappoint (however does he ever?) the public with the F/W 2011 make-up collection. The highlight of the collection is definitely the new Illusion d’Ombre eye shadows which come in six seductive colours including metallic snowdrop white, bronze, gold and a few shades of platinum. The texture is incredibly soft yet long lasting. I totally adore how gently the eye shadows layer on the eyelids.
However an absolute must-have of the fall offered by Chanel Maestro is the new pallet of metallic nail polishers including widely anticipated Quartz, Graphite and Peridot. My personal favourite is Black Pearl spotted on the nails of stunning Freja Beha Erichsen while shooting Chanel fall ad campaign.
Whatever there is on the beauty market, whatever I am currently obsessed with, I always stay loyal to my initial and true choice – YSL. This season my preferences do not differ either. I opt for RougeVolupte lipstick in deep berry shades which is the best to channel the “powerful woman” trend seen during so many shows this season (Loewe, Gucci, Diane von Furstenberg to name a few).
Though mostly I’m excited about “the used to be a big secret weapon to achieve a perfect make up” now simply and modestly a legendary product. Ladies and gentlemen let me please introduce you to probably one of the best achievements in make-up and skin care production Gommage Action Biologique by YSL. It does not only moisturize the skin and prevents it from SPF rays but it forms smooth and gentle basis for the make-up. In other words? Perfection!


Осенние пристрастия
Это окончательно и бесповоротно – я одержима…да и как может быть иначе? Кто может устоять перед притягивающими и загадочными переливами цвета, открывающие тайные, неведомые и даже может быть немного темные стороны себя самой?! Гений Лагерфельд не разочаровал осенний коллекцией косметики Chanel. Хотя, разочаровывал ли он когда-либо? Бесспорно, триумфом коллекции стали крем-тени Illusion dOmbre, предложенные в шести разных цветах от металлического серебристо-белого до платинного. Текстура невероятно нежна, но в тоже время позволяет теням оставаться на веках на протяжении долгих часов.
Абсолютным «must-have» это осени стала новая «металлическая» палитра лаков Chanel. Цвета  Quartz, Graphite and Peridot наиболее приветствуемы публикой. Мой же личный выбор упал на болотно-зеленый лак Black Pearl, замеченный на ноготочках потрясающей Freja Beha Erichsen во время съемки осенней рекламной компании Chanel.
Какое бы разнообразие не предлагалось на рынке средств по уходу за кожей и косметики, чем бы я ни была одержима в настоящий момент, я всегда возвращаюсь к своему первому и истинному выбору – косметике YSL. В этом сезоне я вновь подтвердила правоту моего выбора: помада RougeVolupte, темных ягодных цветов невероятно актуальна и позволяет мне интерпретировать тренд «powerful woman», замеченный на многих показах, включая Loewe, Gucci, Diane von Furstenberg.
Моим же истинным пристрастием стал новый культовый продукт марки Gommage Action Biologique, который, к счастью, стал недавно известен на широком рынке, до этого же он использовался как секретное оружие для достижения идеального макияжа. Gommage Action Biologique не только увлажняет кожу и предотвращает вредное воздействие солнечных лучей, но и формирует гладкую, бархатистую базу для нанесения макияжа. Другими словами – идеал!


  1. хочу такие цвета) как раз купила сегодня графитовые и серые джемперы в Келвин Кляйн)))

  2. Отличные цвета, абажаю лаки Chanel)

  3. Chanel has the best polish. It's so smooth and totally worth the money. The shades are so pretty, too.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. wow, you're definitely a lucky girl ;) everything you got looks simply amazing!! I should also check out the new beauty products and see what's available here in Estonia :)

  5. Love all those nail polishers!



  6. Beautiful colors.
    Perfect products. Without words.
    I love it!
    Good week.

  7. ahh tell me about being addicted! i find it very hard to walk away from chanel counter without buying another nail polish! they are perfection indeed! now i have my eye on peridot and black pearl, obviously. i have to have them or at least one of them. or well, firstly i have to see how they would look on my nails, i find shiny nail polish beautiful but not on me. but since it's chanel i want to give it a try.
    i don't use much make up, just mascara and lipstick every now and then but when it comes to lipsticks chanel and YSL are the best there are. chanel has been a friend of mine for a while now but YSL came into my life not a long time ago when i bought my first YSL lipstick, nude-colored from RougeVolupte collection. it's perfect - moisturizing, soft, stays on, smells heavenly - PERFECT i say!

  8. Everything sounds incredible. The colours are gorgeous and absolutely perfect for fall!

  9. Many great colors! Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  10. I was actually thinking about the massive hits that Chanel has with its make up season after season (and how they alone set trends in the make up market every single time).

    I also love the first nail polish, it is one of my staples!

  11. I love the nails polish !! They're beautiful !

  12. I am enjoying very much your reviews!

    Chanel FW Make up is great, and indeed perfect for nightlife. I love this metalic nailpolish even though i am red-nails or french-manicure person I am thinking of making exception for color on the first photo!
    Agree about YSL , beside Chanel and Guerlain it's my top3 preferred! French cosmetics RULES! I wormly suggest you Carita cosmetics - it's "la classe" !

    Thanks for lovely comment on my post! I highly appreciate constructive comments and bloggers!

    Keep doing great job with your blog!


  13. Thank you! I'd love to have a Chanel nail polish! :)

    Xxx, Inès.

  14. Chanel offers amazing nail shades, but what I really adore is the Coco Rouge lipsticks and I'm very tempeted to try the Rouge Allure Velvet. As for YSL, I cannot live without Touche Eclat...I'm intrigued by the Gommage Action and I'll have a look at this product...thanks for the advice!

  15. Love the nail polishes! xoxo

  16. Lovely !

  17. Beautiful things u bought, i love chanel nail polish:)

  18. lucky you :P nice things, love those nailpolish! :P lovely blog

  19. Gommage Action Biologique??
    что за крутая штука такая?)в Питере интересно есть?)

  20. Such amazing colours!
    Sara xoxo

  21. Nice collection and incredible post! Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog. A kiss :)

  22. I love an idea)

  23. Hallo from Ukraine! ^__^
    Согласна, все лаки просто must have ;-)
    хороший пост)

    Olya Baileys