Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The hat case

I find it extremely unfortunate that during the last 50 years hats were crucially dismissed from the fashion scene. The ones who used to rule the women’s wardrobes have  become something dull and uninteresting associated mostly either with an annoying mum putting on your head some shapeless creation in order “Not to get cold” or an old lady wearing  a once-used-to-be-a-hats object with out of colour flowers stitched to it. Blah, what can be more nightmarish for a fashionista?!
But I truly dislike this vision of hats.
Hats are one of the most brilliant inventions of the human being meant to make even the simplest outfit sophisticated and chic. Besides, a hat is the best solution for a bad hair day. And what will make a girl so intriguing and mysterious if not a hat?
Well, my heart warmed up when lately hats have gloriously marched back to our wardrobes!
Here’s my tribute to this fabulous accessory. Hurrah, hurrah to the hat!
Times change, hats stay

And who says that hats are not gorgeous?

Blair and Serena of then and now

Shapes and sizes don't matter, hats are simply fabulous

Did you leave your hat on?
Дело в шляпе

“Иветта, Мюзетта, Жаннета, Жоржета...", так пел Андрей Миронов в фильме “Cоломенная шляпка”. Так и я ласково, в мыслях называю свои многочисленные шляпы, шляпки, береты и платки, разместившиеся, как птички, по всему периметру моей гардеробной.

Мне невероятно обидно, что за последние 50 лет шляпы так безжалостно были выдворены со страниц моды. Когда-то они правили женскими гардеробами, впрочем, и умами тоже, а теперь головной убор ассоциируется либо с назойливой мамочкой, надевающей вам на голову бесформенный шерстяной предмет, дабы ваши уши не замерзли; либо с престарелой дамой, носящей на голове некий объект, когда-то гордо наименовавшийся «шляпой». Бррр, такая картина вызывает мурашки и ничего больше.
Я же лично совершенно не согласна с данным отношениям к шляпам.

Головные уборы – гениальное изобретение человечества! Шляпа или берет украсит и придаст шик даже самому простому наряду. А в дни, когда волосы непокорны фену и расческе, ничто не спасает так, как игриво заломленная шляпка или красиво повязанная косынка. Шляпки и только шляпки придают девушкам ту неповторимую загадочность и таинственность!

Я несказанно обрадовалась тому, что за последние пару лет головные уборы вновь победоносно захватили наши шкафы и гардеробные.

Кричим «Гип-гип уррра»! И бросаем шляпы в воздух!


  1. I love hats! They will always be cool!
    Great blog i really love it...come to see mine if u want

  2. beautiful hat compilation


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  3. Love hats of all shapes and sizes. They always seem to top off an outfit.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    seeing steel magnolias

  4. Love this photo of you! Where did you get this gorgeous hat?



  5. I love love love hats!!

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  6. I really like hats! Thank you for your comment about Miroslava, it was a casuality but I met her some days ago and we took a picture together! :) xxxx

  7. Love the hat pictures you found! I actually have two hats, but I really need to wear them a lot more than I do...

  8. I love hats!
    they can give a finishing touch to your look xoxo

  9. Hats are my fave accessory. It truly puts an outfit together.


  10. Love your blog!

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  11. My mom has a great collection of hats. I love every single hat she has.
    Hat is the piece that pulls everything together. So have a toast on hats!

    Thanks for your kind comment (:
    Come see me again, I have something new for you!
    xx Brigita

  12. I love hats!
    Gorgeous post, darling!


  13. I like to see your blog and will have a further look in it. Nice to see you like moderen and vintage fashion and..??? you came from Russia ??? like my daughther in law?( you can see her on my blog beeing a model with my scarfs /shawls)
    Kind regards and much succes !

  14. Cute blog you have! Nice! Enjoy your weekend! XO Dianne

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  16. Gorgeous! I love a big floppy hat any day! xo style, she wrote

  17. I adore hats and I adore your post cause of that, fabulous examples!:))
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  19. I love hats! They can be so feminine and chic:) A perfect accessory for women who look good in them, although not for me:) I don't look good in a hat:(

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  20. love love hats!! the first image is gorg! thank you so much Alexandra for the super sweet comments doll you totally made my day :) you're blog is fab! following you <3 xx

  21. Hats, count me in! :)


  22. I like hats! It's so womanly!
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  23. I love hatcase! And the pictures! I wanna go shopping now .... You always inspire me so much! Luv u.

  24. отличный пост!!!

    фоти настолко вдохновили, 4то захотелось шляпу себе купить!!